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Human growth hormone

hgh injections salesHuman Growth Hormone or somatropin is a protein consisting of 191 amino acids and is usually found at its highest levels in children and young adults.

After that period in life the amount of human growth hormone your body produces begins to drop.
The continuous drop in Human Growth Hormone results in levels which are deficient compared to those you produced as a child and young adult. In the heart, these changes are manifested by a reduced left ventricular mass, decreased fractional shortening of cardiac myocytes, and decreased cardiac output. Such abnormalities may contribute to the striking decline in exercise capacity in this population. In one recent study, exercise capacity, as assessed by cycle ergometry was decreased by 20-25% compared to normal controls. Bone density is also known to be reduced in the GH-deficient patient. In a recent study, cortical bone density and spinal (trabecular) bone density were 2.8 and 1.5 standard deviations below the mean for age and sex matched controls. Muscle mass and muscle strength are diminished in HGH-deficient adults.

Advise: Do not fall for Sprays or Supplements which claim to be Human Growth Hormone releasers. These forms have an infinitesimal small amount of human growth hormone. As an example, one spray form boasts of being the most powerful GH formulation in an oral application having 2,000 nanograms of human growth hormone per spray. You would need to take 165 sprays per day to get the equivalent of one IU of real human growth hormone. If you sleep seven and one-half hours per night, you would need one spray every six minutes during the sixteen and one-half hours you are awake in order to get the equivalent of one injection of one IU of real human growth hormone. Our HGH is the real Human Growth Hormone, made by recombinant DNA technology! It is not not some homeopathic formula or a spray form of growth hormone. To administer it you inject it with a small insulin syringe. &Pricing